Windjammers 2, or Flying Power Disc 2 in Japan, is a video game developed by Dotemu, released in January 2022 on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS5/Xbox Series (via backward compatibility), and Game Pass.

It is the sequel to Windjammers, originally released in 1994 by Data East for the Neo Geo (home console and arcade versions).

Concept & gameplay overview

Windjammers 2 is almost identical to Windjammers but with more characters, more stages, new moves and modern graphics.

Windjammers can somewhat be compared to tennis or even to one of the first video game based on that sport, Pong. Here though, we're dealing with frisbees.

Two players face each other on a field divided in two by a net. They have to sent the frisbee past their opponent to score.

You can select one of eleven characters. They all control the same but have slightly different statistics.

When they are not holding the disc, they are free to move in their respective side of the arena and prepare for a catch.
When they do hold the frisbee, players can no longer move and must throw the disc. The sooner the disc is thrown, the fastest it will go.
If a player holds the disc and waits without throwing the disc, the game will automatically have said player throw the disc at the lowest speed after some time.

The scoring zone is divided into sections worth either 3 (yellow) or 5 (red) points, dispatched differently depending on the stage. Depending on the stage, either two or four points are awarded if the disc falls flat on the ground.
The Cas
ino stage is the only exception, as the number of points is the same everywhere but is chosen randomly at the start of every serve (possible values being 1, 2 ,3 ,5 and 8 points).

Win condition

Matches employ a first-to-two (best-of-three) round format.

A regular match ends when one of the players reach 15 points or by leading until the 90 seconds of game time are over.

In case of a draw, both players win a round. If the score was already 1 -1, a sudden death occurs: a 30 seconds round during which the first player to score is declared the winner.