Buttons & Moves

Windjammers 2 plays with 4 action buttons eight directional inputs.

Here is what they do when you are either holding the disc or not.

Without the disc

When you're not holding the frisbee, you can move in either of the eight directions at a constant speed (there's no startup or recovery when changing directions).

The walking speed of every character is different (Jao Raposa being the fastest and Klaus Wessel the slowest).


Or "dash". You can slide to get quicker to a distant point by pressing the Throw/Slide/Toss button when walking (input a direction and then press the button).

You'll go in a straight line without being able to stop whenever you want so be extra careful not to dash in the wrong direction.

Newcomers often slide too much and this is probably the first thing you want to fix.
Refrain from sliding forward and diagonally too. You can choose to do it of course but it's risky (diagonal forward is less likely to meet the disc's trajectory, diagonal backward might leave you vulnerable to pushback from Super Moves). Prefer vertical movement.

You can slide farther by holding the button down. Your character will go the extra mile but they will have more recovery time in return.

Slide properties vary depending on characters, whether it's the speed, the length, the hitbox.


Or "block", it happens when you press the Throw/Slide/Toss button without holding any direction.

When executed prior to intercepting a shot, the character will hit (or block) the disc and send it flying in the air as if you'd tossed a coin.

Depending on the timing at which you hit, the distance from the player to the landing point of the frisbee will vary. If you position yourself just below the reticle on the ground marking that spot, your character will automatically enter a charging stance.

We use the term "perfect toss" when the frisbee lands directly on the player, thus charging right away (although most of the time, we'd rather avoid that to create more ambiguous situations).

Directional Toss

Unlike the regular slide, you need to first press the Throw/Slide/Toss button and then input a direction.

Your character will then go for some kind of mini dash while still maintaining a toss stance.

Although it's never explained in the game, this is a very useful tool that allows you to intercept a lot of discs and decide what to do once in the air.

Power Toss

When the power meter bar at the bottom of the screen is filled and you are not holding the disc, by pressing both the Throw/Slide/Toss button and the Lob/Drop Shot button you can activate the Power Toss, the ultimate defensive move in the game.

Your character will burst as if turning super saiyan, creating a sphere of energy that will knock all discs flying in the vicinity. It's a circle whose radius - while generously wide - does not cover your half of the stage entirely. It can also expand to the opponent's side if activated near the net.

It can also intercept lobs and Super Lobs (but maybe not at their apex) and pop discs up off the ground.

Try not to waste it!

Drop Shot

A new move introduced in Windjammers 2, drop shots are a welcome option to force defensive players to leave the safety of their baseline.

Just before receiving the disc, press the Lob/Drop Shot button to have your character "gently" tap it so it drops just behind the net.

As with Toss, you can input a direction right after pressing the button to slightly move along with the Drop Shot move but be extra careful as it doesn't travel far and you might miss your target.

Slap Shot

Again, something exclusive to Windjammers 2, slap shots work are somewhat similar to drop shots in their execution but the result is very different as you will essentially get an immediate regular throw (see below) without having kept the frisbee in your hands (since you are slapping it).

Just before receiving the disc, press the Slap Shot button to have your character slap/kick/punch the disc. As with regular throws, timing is important and slapping the disc too early will result in a weak, slow throw whereas hitting it just on time will release a supersonic shot - which is what you always want to achieve with a Slap Shot for maximum surprise/immediate retaliation.

Same as Toss and Drop Shot, you can input a direction right after pressing the button to slightly move along with the Slap Shot move but be extra careful as it doesn't travel far and you might miss your target.


Characters can now jump in Windjammers 2, using the dedicated Jump button.

Obviously, it's meant to be used to catch lobbed discs but it's also works on discs that you toss yourself.
But you can also pick up discs traveling at the "normal" height by jumping just before they reach you, although it's rather risky.

While in the air with the disc, if you press any button except the Slap Shot button, you will perform a Smash.

If you jump when you are charged, and then throw the disc, you will perform a Roll Smash.

You can also do nothing while in the air, and once back on your feet throw the disc as usual. Time your shot well and you can also throw supersonic shots.

If both players jump at a disc, if the first to catch it then smashes it, the other will automatically intercept the disc (and can smash too but take care not smashing down on your opponent as this will let him throw under you).

With the disc

Once you get the frisbee in your hands, you cannot move anymore: all there is to do is throw that thing.

Regular throw

Press the Throw/Slide/Toss button to throw the disc in a straight line (with no direction or pushing forward or backward).

Input any other direction to shoot diagonally (for instance, go up for a 45˚ throw).

Timing is important: the longer you wait, the slower the throw.

If you hold the disc and wait for some time, your character will release the disc with a very slow throw. Minimum and maximum speed of the throw varies among characters.

Supersonic shots that leave a distinctive trail happen when pressing the Throw/Slide/Toss button as you're about to receive the disc, within a certain time range. That range can increase depending on many factors, such as the score gap between the two players (it's easier to do supersonic shots when behind in points).

All characters can throw Supersonic shots. The speed of a supersonic shot is the same for all, and it's the maximum speed a disc can fly (except for super moves).

Curved throws

The disc can be thrown following a curve trajectory, more or less curvy depending on the motion you use and the corresponding stats of the character (Wessel's shots hardly curve when Mita's are more curly than curvy).

You can perform a curve throw by executing quarter-circle motions in any direction with the stick before pressing the Throw/Slide/Toss button.

For instance, the widest curved shot (or wide-angle shot) a character can make is done by waving the stick from down-back to up-back (going upwards).

From here, the more your motion goes forward so will the resulting curve.

* truth is only the last two directions you input matters. I'm recommending "quarter-circles" for better understanding and execution.


Use these overhead shots to break the pace of the match, move your opponent back so they can't pressure you at the net or to make sure they can't freely stay on their baseline.

With lobs, the more you wait the closer to the net the frisbee will fall. If you throw a lob shot directly after catching the disc it will land at the far end of your opponent's half.

If the disc is not caught and falls to the ground, you will be granted either 2 or 4 points depending on the stage (excluding Casino).

While the disc is airborne, your opponent might get to the landing point right on time to charge a super move or - new to Windjammers 2 - jump and catch it in mid-air.


After a successful jump, you are now in mid-air in possession of the disc. If you then press any button except the Slap Shot button (why?), you will perform a Smash - basically throwing the innocent piece of plastic to the ground, scoring the same as a lob would.

You can control where you smash the disc by pressing the desired direction while pressing the button, although you can't have it land anywhere in the stage, but rather in a limited section, a "box" in front of you so your opponent still has a chance of picking it up.


After a toss or when receiving a lob, position yourself under the reticle indicating where the frisbee is going to land and your character will automatically start charging a super move.

No need to mash the Throw/Slide/Toss button, it's automatic. Characters have different charging times.

Once the disc is back in your hands, you can go for one of three super moves that have the power to push your opponent back into their goals if they don't react on time.

Super Custom

Each character has a unique super attack we call "super custom". While they are a beginner's greatest tool, they become too predictable once you know them all.

To release a super custom, just press the Throw/Slide/Toss button after your character has finished charging. You can choose whether it will start by going up (default) or down with the corresponding direction.

Just as regular throws, the quicker you launch a super custom, the faster it'll go.

If your opponent manages to make a reversal attack when receiving your super custom they will send your character's custom move back at you and not their own super custom.

Power Disc

Activate the Power Disc with both the Throw/Slide/Toss button and the Lob/Drop Shot button while holding the disc.

It is essentially a buffed up version of the Super Custom - without having to go through the charging phase.

Just like the regular version, once your opponent knows how it works the move might not be that effective, so use with caution and carefully evaluate whether it is worth spending your meter on this offensive move or keep it for a life-saving Power Toss.

Super Spin

I guess you could call that a "whirlwind shot" due to the spiraling loops it creates. It can be sent in different directions, making it usually less predictable than a Super Custom or a Super Lob.

To release a super spin, do a curved shot motion after you're done charging and press the Throw/Slide/Toss button. Depending on the motion, the disc will start spiraling either towards the edges of the stage or its center.

And just as regular throws, the quicker you launch a super spin, the faster it'll go.

Super Lob

Also called "hammer throw". The frisbee goes very high in the sky and continue its course on the ground by rolling on the side until it scores (or gets caught).

Like the regular lob shot, the quicker you press the Lob/Drop Shot button after charging, the farther it will go. There's no reason to wait since the disc is very easy to catch once it starts rolling on the ground.

Supers Lobs are very predictable. Use them to punish an opponent that is way too close to the net or slightly mispositioned on their defense line. You can also send a Super Lob in the intent of starting a super reversal rally.

Roll Smash

It is essentially a Super Lob but launched from a jump after charging for a super move.


As with supersonic shots, with the correct timing (depending on the characters and the situation) you can send a super attack back to your opponent. But if you miss the time window you will end up being pushed back into your own score zone...

Super Customs, Power Disc moves and Roll Smashes can be returned as your opponent's Super Custom, a Super Spin or a Super Lob.

Super Spins and Super Lobs can only be returned as either Super Spins or Super Lobs.