Wessel (Germany)

The heavy weight champion of Windjammers, Klaus Wessel, is not just about pure strength. He can stretch too.


  • Fast powerful throw
  • Hard to push back into the end zone
  • Long and fast dash
  • Quick charging time


  • Slowest walking speed of the game
  • Almost no curve effect
  • Difficult reversals and supersonic shots

Throw chart

Adapted from Gamest 199, July 1994



31x35 pixels


31x35 pixels

Toss (vertical)

35x31 pixels


35x31 pixels


69x25 pixels

Dash (diagonal)



A true defensive wall: don't think he's too slow to catch a distant frisbee on a large court, his awesome dashing abilities compensate for his apparent hate of running. Besides, supers don't make him flinch much so he's fine staying close to the service line and sending missiles to his opponent.

Even more so than Scott, Wessel can bait a bad reaction when playing close to the net by delaying the throw. His super custom can also be used in that situation to get around the opponent.

A Wessel player has to learn how to get to the front especially after a toss, and use the efficiency of the dash not only to protect the goal but also create new scoring opportunities.