Gary Scott (USA)

It's easy to imagine the "USA! USA! USA!" chants from the crowd when Gary Scott steps in and flexes his muscles. He's so popular there that they celebrate "G.Scott weekends" that actually span for entire months.

If they only knew he's always skipping leg day...


  • Best throw speed of the game
  • Hard to push back into the end zone
  • Quick charging time
  • Super custom (on bumper stages)


  • Slow walking speed
  • Short and slow dash
  • Almost no curve effect
  • Super custom (on non-bumper stages)

Throw chart

Adapted from Gamest 199, July 1994



29x35 pixels


29x35 pixels

Toss (vertical)

29x35 pixels


29x35 pixels


69x25 pixels

Dash (diagonal)



Gary Scott's got power, so much that his fast throws fend the wind that can only bend the disc's course ever so slightly.

That means Scott is comfortable playing from the baseline and will mostly stick to defensive play, though extra care is needed when anticipating the incoming shots since it will be hard for him to recover from a bad move due to the lack of mobility.

If you successfully get to the net, you can pause for a little time before you throw since even the minimum speed can be enough to score.

Depending on how you like to play, you could feel at ease on small or large courts, however Scott is a tad more efficient on bumper stages since it's harder to react to a deflected shot at that speed. Moreover, his super custom becomes less easy to catch after hitting a bumper.