Hiromi Mita (Japan)

Representing Japan, Mita first seems to match the infamous female character cliché... weak but fast.

But don't be fooled, not by this and not by the title "for BEGINNER" you can see in the Neo Geo versions: Mita is quite possibly the most difficult character to master, yet she sure is one of the most fun to play.


  • Fastest walk speed of the game, enabling swift changes from defensive to offensive positions
  • Most pronounced curves, quite useful when used in the offensive side of the court
  • Very efficient super custom
  • Easy reversals and supersonic shots


  • Weakest throw of the game, it's slow and ineffecient in the back
  • Strong pushback when receiving supers
  • Longest stun time, mashing is needed to recover in time
  • Short dash
  • Most pronounced curves... not that useful when used in the defensive side of the court
  • Smallest hitbox among the whole cast

Throw chart

Adapted from Gamest 199, July 1994



27x31 pixels


27x31 pixels

Toss (vertical)

27x31 pixels


27x31 pixels


55x23 pixels

Dash (diagonal)



For her qualities to shine, Mita must get in the offensive half of the stage and use her tremendous walking speed to quickly get back in position to defend. She's more confortable on the smaller stages: Beach & Tiled.

Having more time to reposition, Mita can better prepare for supersonic shots and reversals that you must master to make up for her weak throws.

Mix up your attacks a lot, use all kind of throws (regular, curved, supers).