Steve Miller (UK)

Steve Miller - the name comes from an actual Data East employee - can be selected in the Japanese version of the original arcade game: elsewhere, he's mysteriously replaced with the South Korean "Beeho Yoo". They are the exact same characters save for the name, the flag and the voice samples.

Arguably the most iconic Windjammers character, Miller is a light character that is very well balanced.


  • Very good walking speed

  • Curved shots that can be useful on all stages

  • Easy reversals and supersonic shots

  • Extended neutral and directional toss hitboxes


  • Very predictable super custom

  • Weak throw

  • Strong pushback when receiving supers

Throw chart

Adapted from Gamest 199, July 1994



29x31 pixels


37x31 pixels

Toss (vertical)

25x41 pixels


29x31 pixels


65x23 pixels

Dash (diagonal)

Avoid it


Miller has no real drawback and even if he's not the best in everything, he can really perform in all situations.

The one tool you need to master with Miller is the directional toss because in addition to his advantageous walking speed, it brings great defensive and offensive options that make up for his weak constitution.

Miller can toss the frisbee very easily and go into charging right after so you will need to vary your choices of supers, although don't rely too much on his predictable super custom unless you are certain of what you're doing. Best is to try to find ambiguous charging time so you can fake throwing a super and go for a curve instead.