Windjammers' take on Wimbledon on which you might just... yawn.

Lawn is a large stage with a standard point layout (the red 5 point zone being in the middle).

Unlike the smaller stages that are Beach & Tiled, here your curved shots can go on freely without touching the edges of the court. While iIt does not exactly favor a character like Mita since her very curved shots will naturally get back to the center of the field, it's a delight for Costa players thanks to his clean wide-angle shot. It's also a place where Wessel can showcase how his quick and long dash is a very solid defensive tool.

And while it's tempting to venture in this huge green park, mind the distances or you'll be easily caught off guard. Once a player is in the lead, they might want to stay safe on their defensive line, keeping the other at a distance and focusing on reading the disc's moves. It can be hard on the minds of both the players and the viewers.