Windjammers is a rather simple game at the core, so you might not need to go through such a wiki to start on your own.

However most newcomers often ask the following questions.

What's the tier list? Gimme a character that can make me win effortlessly!

There's no real tier list in Windjammers, you can hardly speak of match-ups as well.

Some characters might have an easier time with certain things, like curves that works well on a given stage, but the gap is not high enough to separate them into different tiers.

It all boils down to personal affinities and playstyle.

But... let me rephrase: which character is better suited for beginners?

On the original Neo Geo version, both Mita and Miller are marked as "For Beginners", Scott and Wessel are labelled "For Experts". We insisted that Dotemu change this to "Light/Medium/Heavy" in the newest ports of the game, which describes each character a lot better whereas the former mention is misleading. Mita is even considered the most difficult character to master.

That being said, here's a quick guide to help you pick a character:

  • Try all characters, see if you can spot one that you simply like best or that makes the game more fun to play for you
  • If you're undecided and you feel insecure when receiving the disc, try Wessel and stay on your defense line
  • If you're undecided but you lack patience and can't stay in place then try Miller
  • If you're still undecided, pick Costa. He's the most neutral character of the bunch

And then with time, change according to the playstile you've developed.

What's the best version to play - where can I find the most players?

You'll find that most players meet on FightCade even though it's possibly the least satisfying way to play, it's "free" and it's the most convenient to organise and stream online tournaments.

Of course, playing on the original hardware is the most enjoyable set-up, especially on a Japanese arcade cabinet. But that is expensive and offline only.

The PS4 and Switch ports are very good but you're not likely to bump into someone through matchmaking. Many people still play those but you'd be wise to join the Discord and ask for partners in the #looking-for-match channel.