Loris Biaggi (Italy)

The tall Italian Loris Biaggi definitely is the trickster of the bunch.


  • All-around character
  • Ambiguous curved shots that play well with bumpers
  • Best overall hitbox of the game, especially when dashing (it's like he's got magic boots)
  • Tricky super custom especially when bumpers or walls are involved


  • Hard to master all these ambiguous shots to make the best of the character

Throw chart

Adapted from Gamest 199, July 1994



29x37 pixels


29x37 pixels

Toss (vertical)

35x31 pixels


35x31 pixels


73x25 pixels

Dash (diagonal)

You're fired!


Although he's listed as the other "medium" character with Costa, he definitely has access to more offensive options. You can better trick your opponent into choosing the wrong direction by sending a curved shot to bounce off the wall or with his super custom that changes direction when hitting a wall, if it doesn't even hug it instead.

You will need to make your opponent doubt, by mixing up curves and playing with obstacles. Right behind the net, Biaggi can also wait a little before releasing the disc to disorient the more hasty players.

As for defense, he does more than ok with a reasonable walking speed, a somewhat reduced pushback and obviously the large hitbox of his sliding animation.